The buzzes on the road can be so overwhelming, and watching tons of cars run on them will somehow convince you that everyone have a car in Nigeria. Car wash Business is a very lucrative venture that anyone can vent into. As long as you’re on a good location; a place where there’s a regular flow of traffic, then be rest assured that you’ll be making thousands daily.

I got to know about car wash business last year and the benefits were too good to be true. Time ago, seeing young people indulge in such work did gave me a weird feeling. But now, it’s my best recommendation especially when an individual have no capital to start a business. My response is usually, ‘Go and work in a car wash outlet.’ And everyday, they come home with at least, not less than N3000.

In this article, I’m not going to teach you how to wash cars, I’m going to show you how to establish your own car wash business and make money from it. It’s just as easy as any other business, even easier.


• EMPLOYMENT – If you don’t have a job already, this is going to keep you employed. The minimum number of workers in a cash wash outlets is over 5 people. This means, you don’t just employ yourself but more jobless individuals in the society.

• LUCRATIVE – As the owner of a cash wash outlet, you can make an approximate of N50,000 daily depending on your site. Washing a car can cost over N2000. Imagine if your workers were able to wash about 50 cars a day.

• NOT CAPITAL INTENSIVE – You can start with as low as N250,000. Securing a location is what eats up most of the capital.

• NOT TIME RESTRICTIVE – You don’t need to be around for the business to move.. Employing reliable workers will make sure you count your profit without even having to visit the outlet daily.


Below are some things that must be done in other to run this business smoothly.


This should be first whenever a business is on the verge of getting established. You don’t just delve into a sea without first checking the waters. It’s risky my dear. Why most people fail in this business is when they refused to learn from the big bosses in town, despite lacking the necessary skills. You need business plan. This will require you taking a peep on most of your competitors to know how it’s run. Also ask yourself;

• How is the market?
• How many competitors are there?

Through market research, you learn the price range or practices in car washing.


Just like every other business, you need finance to start this up. At least, N250,000 should be your estimate. You’ll need a capital to buy the necessary equipment needed to run this business. You’ll need capital to create a little awareness about your new establishment. Finance should be what rings on your mind, if it doesn’t, this business can’t be started.


This is very crucial. Very paramount that it determines if you stay in business or not. This venture is best when at a strategic site, a place where car owners can easily come in and have their car washed. You need to be where there’s regular traffic, inside town or around. Don’t be too myopic by choosing a remote area, or a place very far from vehicle movement. It’s very dangerous to this business.

4. WATER –

In this business, you’ll need lots and lots of water to stay functional. You can drill a bore hole or a well close to your car wash park. Having an overhead tank where water is reserved is very paramount. Some starters usually dig a well which can be cheaper. You can go ahead as long as it’s always available and clean for washing of cars. Although well we need a routine water treatment, to make sure it’s suitable for washing of cars.


By now, you’ve known a vehicle friendly detergent as a result of your market research. If you haven’t, then visit these car wash outlets and find out what they are using. This business if done well will be one of the most lucrative business you’ll ever do.


The equipment needed for a car wash business can easily be gotten without spending much. Below are some basic things you’ll need to acquire.

• Buckets – Used to mix the detergents
• Towels – To mop dry the car
• Hand brushes – For scrubbing the car clean
• Host – for easy supply of water.
• Power – You’ll need this to pump water If you’re using a bore hole.

Getting those equipment will not exceed N10,000. 80% of your capital will get swallowed up in acquiring your venture’s location. Including the process of getting approval for such establishment.


After you’ve concluded your market research about car wash business, I think the next action will be getting an approval from relevant authorities before forging ahead to kick-start this business. The work of these authorities is to ensure that the area have a good drainage system and gutter to avoid flooding the road with water. There might be few documentation which will no doubt cost you a few bucks.

NOTE: Don’t conclude that the area is good and as thus, doesn’t require the approval of relevant authorities. That’s risky.


Cash wash business is a gold mine and much competition doesn’t exist. However, your workers have to be trained to be very delicate when treating customers. Road stress can sometimes make customer’s emotions flare up. Knowing how to handle such situation will keep them coming back to wash their cars.


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